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About Us

ezDownsizing.com, LLC Online-Auction Estate Sale Services / About US

Online estate sale auctions have become increasingly popular due to their ability to reach a wider audience while fulfilling the needs of the seller by completely liquidating all items for sale and leaving the residence almost completely empty! There is no need to open the home or residence to hundreds of shoppers, as individuals who are interested in particular items can conveniently search online and competitively bid on them from their phone or computer. At the conclusion of the online auction process (typically about 10 days), winning bidders show up according to schedule and remove the items they’ve won. We do all the work by taking photos of the items to be sold, cataloging them, writing the descriptions, uploading the auction to the internet, advertising, and providing staff to direct and assist buyers in safely removing the items they’ve won. The benefits of an online auction over a traditional estate sale include:

  • 100% accountability of all items sold. Sellers may view the auction before, during and after to review what is being sold, what the activity looks like and eventually the price realized at the close of the auction.
  • Fair pricing. Hundreds and even of thousands of buyers compete to purchase items rather than items being sold to the first person through the door.
  • Loss prevention. Reduces the opportunity for loss due to damage or theft.
  • Less traffic in the home. Preserves the property (residence), by restricting access to only individuals who have purchased items.
  • Low-key. Eliminates the need to conduct a multi-day estate sale and arouse unwanted attention, neighborhood traffic congestion, and ‘lookie-loos’ from wandering inside the residence.
  • Most everything sells. Unlike traditional estate sales that leave ‘money on the table’ – online auctions are efficient and effective, typically selling 99% of the items offered for sale.
  • Broadens market by offering convenient online bidding. Bidders may bid from their computer or mobile device from the convenience of their home.
  • Too far away to attend a traditional estate sale? No problem! Online bidding removes the distance barrier. Local bidders do not have to drive 20 miles to find out the item they were interested in purchasing had already sold. Bidders living in other states or countries may bid on items and have them shipped to them at their expense.
  • Levels the playing field. "In order to get a great deal at an estate sale you can’t be early – you have to be FIRST!" Online auction estate sales level the playing field for everyone, and do not penalize or alienate those unwilling to get up early and get their name on the ‘sign-up sheet’ the first day of the sale.
  • Peace of mind for Estate Administrator (fiduciary, executor, etc.). Estate administrators take on the moral and legal responsibility of protecting the assets of an estate and making fair distributions of property. Online auctions offer a transparent process for stake holders to have an opportunity to witness the liquidation process, relieving the estate administrator of the responsibility of accounting for what sold and for how much. Online auctions also provide a fair means for family and friends to purchase items of either a sentimental or material value that the administrator is unable or unwilling to distribute to them directly.

Who is ezDownsizing.com?

Veteran-Owned and Operated​

ezDownsizing.com is veteran-owned and operated by founder Bryan McDaniel, a retired Marine who spent more than 23 years on active duty. Bryan’s vision was to create and develop an accountable, personable and professional online auction and estate sale company capable of serving the needs of a wide variety of customers, regardless of their situation. ezDownsizing.com is that company.

Bryan developed an interest in buying and selling antiques and collectibles in his early teens when his parents would set up and sell items at the Flea Market in Hartville, Ohio to supplement their income. 

Bryan joined the Marines in 1980 and a couple years later found himself regularly attending auctions at Don’s Auction Barn in Jacksonville, NC. The auctioneer eventually asked Bryan if he wanted to work at the auction since he was ‘going to be there anyway’. Such was the beginning of Bryan’s introduction to the wonderful world of live auctions! 

When Bryan was transferred to Virginia Beach, he sought out other auctions to attend and hopefully continue with his paid ‘hobby’.  Unable to find a place willing to hire him due to  his erratic schedule as an active duty Marine, in 1986 Bryan opened up Atlantic Coast Auctions and Antiques in Virginia Beach, where he conducted two or three auctions a month – as the auctioneer.  Bryan sold the company in 1989 when he was transferred to 29 Palms, California. Bryan continued to collect, buy and sell items as a hobby at various duty station locations but was unable to commit as much time as he had previously. 

In 1997 Bryan heard of a fairly new online auction company called ‘eBay’. When he was sent to Okinawa, Japan in 1998, Bryan opened an account and began selling items on eBay  under the username “orient_express”.  When he was off duty, Bryan would frequent the Japanese second-hand shops, antique stores and local flea markets in search of interesting items.  

Bryan began to specialize in Japanese antique dolls (Kokeshi, Daruma, Hakata, Hino Ningyo and Musha Ningyo). The dolls were easy to photograph, describe and ship.  He later branched out to antique porcelain sake cups, kimonos, obis, woodblock prints, samurai swords and tsubas (the guard at the end of the grip of sword). Shop owners began to recognize Bryan as a prolific buyer and would often have consolidated items which they believe would be of interest to him. When Bryan returned to San Diego after a year in Japan, he had amassed considerable amount of ‘product’ to keep him engaged and selling on eBay. 

After 23 years on active duty, Bryan retired from the Marines in 2003 and took a job with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in San Diego as a Business Manager, Program Manager, and eventually Division Director. During his time working with SAIC, Bryan took vacation and attended training at the Certified Appraisers Guild of America in St. Louis, Missouri, and later opened American Personal Property Appraisers while living in San Diego. Bryan maintains his certification and remains active as an appraiser. 

In 2011 Bryan was offered and accepted a position with Marine Corps Systems Command in Stafford, VA as an ‘Interoperability Analyst’.  After two years Bryan resigned his position to pursue his passion and opened McDaniel Auction Center in Manassas, VA, where he conducted weekly live auctions.

During that time, Bryan also purchased an existing estate sale company, ‘Smart Move for Seniors’. For the next several years Bryan successfully ran the two businesses concurrently, often bringing to auction the items that did not sell at the estate sale and affording the owner a ‘second chance’ to sell their items.  

Bryan identified the best facets of his experiences as a licensed auctioneer, appraiser, eBay seller and estate sale services provider and combined their capabilities into a single business, which is ezDownsizing.com.

Bryan’s vision is that rather than shopping auctioneers, appraisers, consignment shops, online auction companies and estate sale service providers, attempting to find the perfect fit for your needs, "Why not make a single call?” ezDownsizing.com: It’s not just our name – it’s our promise!